OIH – Trade Entry – 19-Dec-2014

OIH150123P34PUT (OIH) MARKET VECTORS ETF JAN 23 15 $34 (100 SHS) Long 5 contracts $0.62/Share $308.92
OIH150123P35.5PUT (OIH) MARKET VECTORS ETF JAN 23 15 $35.5 (100 SHS) short -5 contracts $0.95/Share $473.11

Total income: $165
Total risk: $575
Risk reward: Approx 3.5 to 1

Trade was a little rushed into due to work commitments and only got it on at the close on Dec 19th.

The right direction, but poor execution in a weekly context (better execution available almost anytime this week). However IV is high enough and it is 40% OTM and direction in Oil should be “up” into the new year. Probably will be ok, but may give some stress next week.


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