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Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking is defined as using credit card deals and loyalty points from various airlines or hotels to book highly discount flights or stays. This is also a great way to cut your expenses without comprising your ability to travel, and effectively save money so you make your money work harder for you. This is an overview of how our family went on many holidays and on average paid about one third of the full “cash” list price. This was the usual holiday stuff of flying, hiring cars and staying in hotels. The experience was also typically better than full price, due to hotel upgrades due to loyalty point membership.

Travel Hacking is not a secret as there are many active internet communities that can show you how use airlines and hotels points. There are many websites that will give you up to the minute offers and tips that change month to month.

This book is not trying to compete with these websites, it is simply one consolidated guide to glue it all together. This book outlines a high level overview and practical experience into a simple “how to” process guide. Importantly we explain what to think about first, and then where to start. This is simply an overview guide on how to begin getting good results.
The book has an accompanying Summary Spreadsheet that shares our real travel saving results from 2012 to 2014 – redeeming approximately 1.2 million loyalty points for total travel savings of more than $13,000. The Summary Spreadsheet can be downloaded and used to track your own annual travel summary, total travel savings, credit cards and fees.

If you do a few techniques in this book, you will save hundreds of dollars on travel (not an exaggeration). If you want one way to save $400 per adult right now, buy the eBook and skip to section on Spending. Also this not about attending time shares or shady 5 hour long presentations to get these prices – just a guide on learning how to travel hack. Just make sure that you are prepared to do the extra work up front, so you can simply check in, go on holiday and come back again – but for a lot less money!

Personally we find it very satisfying to be able to let our family have a great holiday without bankrupting our finances. We also enjoy “beating the system” to see how inexpensively we can do family holidays. Hopefully this is also inspiring that it can be done – even when you have kids 😉

As always – your mileage may vary.

You can read all about it in the Amazon Kindle Ebook on Travel Hacking: How I saved $13k in 3 years on travel (with my wife and baby!)

Quick note on clarifying our ebook compensation : Some sites in the travel hacking area have a lot of credit card kick backs and affiliate links. To be clear, there are a lot of online resources referenced in the eBook, but importantly we do not get an affiliate kick backs or financial compensation if you click them (you can examine all the URLs yourself in the eBook to confirm this if you like ;-). We are only suggesting one simple ebook purchase (!) that you will easily back your money back on with material inside – we are not looking to use you indefinitely for marketing kick backs!