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  • Day Trading Risk Management
    Staying in business day trading is about preserving capital while getting good enough to learn to be profitable. There really is no down side to […]
  • Natural Gas Exit 2022
    This Jan 2022 update explains the hedging and ultimate exit for all our Natural Gas position in UNG ETF. The original trade was started in […]
  • Natural Gas for Winter 2021
    This Bonfire Night update on our 2021 Natural Gas (NG) position trade explains why our existing NG exposure is being maintained even though the price […]
  • Long Nat Gas since Q1 2021
    Natural Gas (NG) price has been consistently declining due to significant over supply for the last few years. In general there are consistent seasonal drawdowns […]
  • Uranium Position Trade
    In 2020 and early 2021 we have started what will hopefully be a multi year position trade in uranium stocks. A position trade is taking […]
  • Long Energy in 2021
    This outlines the investment thesis for starting and maintaining our long energy position in 2021. This is then followed by implementation of the short selling […]
  • Long Gold calls into 2023
    Despite threatening to breakout to new highs in August 2020, the gold price in July 2021 is actually about the same as one year previous […]
  • Bitcoin Fund Portfolio Rebalancing
    This trade adjustment on European based Bitcoin fund SE:BITCOIN.XBT describes reducing bitcoin exposure inside a “speculative” trading IRA. The main reasons for selling the bitcoin […]
  • Bitcoin Halvening and Crypto as Money
    Does a cryptocurrency need to represent a store of value to be successful over several years? One aspect of money is as a store of […]
  • COVID-19 Coronavirus Portfolio
    This is a COVID-19 coronavirus portfolio of trading ideas generated in the last two months. The portfolio aim is to identify and invest in new […]
  • Halifax Houses Market Data
    We have in the last 4 years been involved in buying Nova Scotia real estate and we’ve had to analyse the market to look for […]
  • Emerging Markets Iron Condor
    This is another bread and butter trade with an emerging markets iron condor, going out a bit further in time to October with 78 days […]
  • Mexican Bearish Put Butterfly
    This trade idea is a trade adjustment to a currently open bearish trade on the Mexican Market ETF (EWW). The strategy ultimately converts the existing […]
  • Trading Gold Long Term Diagonal Spreads
    This trade idea shows how to approach trading gold with long term diagonal spreads. The trade example shows how a bullish multi month GLD long […]
  • Mexican Bearish Put Diagonal Spread
    This trade idea shows how to approach trading the Mexican Market ETF (EWW) with a slightly bearish bias. If EWW maintains its position or goes […]

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